[EotS #62] Ranger Post-Launch

I hope this finds everyone well. After my hectic launch week, the boys went to their moms’ for a bit and I spend a glorious two days doing nothing but re-reading Le Guin’s Earthsea books and starting yet another character in Skyrim (a Breton ronin samurai vampire!). Basically I indulged in completely unproductive media comfort food. Although I must say, it had been a long time since I’d read A Wizard of Earthsea and certain moments really struck me this time that I hadn’t even remembered reading before. Like this line when Vetch is saying farewell to Ged at the wizard school on Roke:

“I am no seer, but I see before you, not rooms and books, but far seas, and the fire of dragons, and the towers of cities, and all such things a hawk sees when he flies far and high.”

A few paragraphs later, when they exchange true names, Le Guin then goes on to write:

”Who knows a man’s name, holds that man’s life in his keeping. Thus to Ged who had lost faith in himself, Vetch had given that gift only a friend can give, the proof of unshaken, unshakeable trust.”

This is the bar I have set for myself. I don’t know if I’ll ever reach it, but what’s the fun if it’s not a challenge, right?

Anyway, I’m glad I got two days to relax and indulge, because bright and early Monday I received my revision notes for The Queen of Izmoroz. And since my editor is going on maternity leave at the end of June, there is a very firm deadline on when we have to be ready to send the manuscript to production.

I did want to gather a few links from launch week for you. My publisher Orbit went above and beyond to support The Ranger of Marzanna and I wanted to put it all down in one place.

Just a little joke I posted because I'd been saying it was going to be a "dramatic" reading.

Quite a week, eh? Well, enough patting myself on the back. I’ve got revisions to work on, so I’ll just play myself out with this chill track from Morning Matters by Yazmin Lacey.